What is included in the basic app with no paid Membership?

The Basic app is meant to give you a taste of the app’s capabilities before deciding for yourself if it makes sense to upgrade. For this reason, some of its features will lock after basic use. An upgrade is recommended to unlock more features and remove all restrictions.

What will I get if I upgrade to a paid Membership?

Upgrading to a Membership opens new possibilities within the app with these additional features.

Colorize, save & share to the max
Enjoy unlimited B&W colorization, sharing and saving to your device or computer in print quality.

Access anytime, anywhere
Have some peace of mind with unlimited photo backup, access to your photos on other devices or online with your PC, and even the option to free up space on your device.

How to upgrade?

Upgrading is essential (and highly recommended) if you have many photos to colorize. Once you've reached the limit in the Basic app, your options will lock and you'll see an option to upgrade with the recommended plan. Tap billing option to see more available plans (monthly, yearly, or one-shot).

If you'd like to choose the upgrade plan that fits you best, go to the 3 bar icon in the top-left corner and click the "Upgrade" banner.

How to choose a plan?

Once you’ve decided to upgrade to a Membership, you must choose between either a recurring or one-time payment plan. A recurring plan (monthly or yearly) is best if you don’t want to commit for the long-term. Conversely, choose the one-shot plan with a single up-front payment for the longer term.

Please note: plan prices may vary depending on limited-time promotions, time of year, location, and more.

Billing & managing an account

If you purchased either the monthly or yearly plan, your payment and plan are automatically renewed via the App Store / Google Play at the end of each billing period. You can cancel at any time in the store’s subscription management area.

If you purchased the one-time plan, it won't be auto-renewed and it won't appear in the AppStore / Google Play subscription list.

To learn how to view and manage your subscription, read this.

What happens when you purchase the One-Shot plan while having an existing recurring subscription?

If you already have an existing recurring plan and you decide to switch to the One-Shot plan, the One-Shot plan will begin only once your existing monthly or yearly subscription plan is finished. It’s important that as soon as you purchase the One-Time plan, you cancel the next billing of your existing recurring subscription to avoid double billing.

On iOS, go to the App Store on your device and tap the Profile icon to select the Subscriptions option. On Android, go to your Google Play account and tap My subscriptions. Follow the instructions to cancel your existing recurring subscription.

Once you cancel the next billing of your existing subscription plan, your One-Shot plan will become active as soon as it expires.

Safe & secure payments

All account subscription purchases in the app go through (and are billed by) the App Store or Google Play, using your credit card details associated with your account in those stores.


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This page was last updated in June 2023