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Asset 146
Swimmers in the 1800's
Unknown Person
Ilona in the Park, 18 months old
Hilda Coetzee
Hilda Coetzee
This is my husband's grandparents Laverne and Dave Cameron on January 18, 1933. It was taken the day after they were married by a justice of the peace in Vancouver, Washington. They went to Washington because they were too young to legally get married in their hometown of Portland Oregon.
Kristi Felbinger
William (Billy) Whiting
William PaPa Whiting
avi zeevi
The John O. Gibby and Laura H. Taylor Gibby Family. Back row, l to r: Olive May Gibby (August 25, 1881-December 2, 1966), Thomas William Gibby (February 18, 1879-July 28, 1937), Lottie Jane Gibby (August 29, 1884-August 7, 1979), George Franklin Gibby (February 12, 1878-May 23, 1965) and Eva Gibby (July 20, 1886-December 18, 1979). Second row, l to r: Gladys Marie Gibby (October 7, 1888-February 26, 1977), John Owens Gibby (April 29, 1841-April 2, 1926), Laura Henrietta Taylor Gibby (Februar
Shelley Diehl
Happy 18 th and 21st birthdays xx
Sara Dowling
İlk göreve başladığım gün, 18 Ocak,1983 Kahramanmaraş
Mehmet Tanç
DM #18 Abbott & Costello with Dad between them
Robert Wright
Scan of a page from late 1800 autograph book
Jonathan Haber
五位愛好自然的18歳美少女 班長、美月、靖娟、秀美、秀鳳
18 January 1968. The day I got married. In Kolkata. It was very traditional wedding.
Arun Shroff
Mamãe ao colo com 17o Bisneto.
Regina Gomes
Sunday at the Circus 2/18/18
Chiqueta Bradford
18 months
Cheryl Corro
Bernie and Jaws Methow Valley 1984?... for a taste comparison we got 12 varieties of apples from Vern and Buellas orchard (there were 18, some weren't ready) ...
Peter Howard
佳露 祁
Inger 18 år
Bjarne Pedersen
My three kids in December 1989. Jayson, 18, Mike 14 and Katie 1 month
Jackie Chang
Katia interprète un poème 17ans
katia Salomon
My dad when he was very young, I think 18. His name is Hubert and I miss him every day
Debbie Lefave
Papa à 17 ans (18-VII-1917), au Parc Lafontaine
Rachel Bruneau
Groundbreaking ceremony of the new Humboldt War Memorial building
Mitchell Adams
Preparing for a Wedding Bernice marries Bill Holt, 17th October, 1959
Bernice Hill
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