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Asset 146
Chinese Parade 1905
Brian Fry
Flugtag Baldeggersee 1905
Guido Felber
Lena and Paul Trenne 1901
jody stiver
Mubashir mehdi Napar
Tatarabuela María Antonia 1890
Jocelyn Ponce-Lopez
Foto taget ca 1885 (Nils född augusti 1884). Bild tagen på Wlhelmine Hermansen Fotografiska Atelier i Malmö.
Jon Voss
Nils Hammer. Foto taget på C.V Roukjer kongl. Hoffotograf. Södergatan 18, efter 1903
Jon Voss
Walter Menzo Davey, Ellenor, Walter and Cora Davey. Knox County Nebraska. 1909 Cora Withee was Menzo’s 2nd wife. His first wife, Elenor Fellows Davey died around 1893 and was Manning’s mother (Ike’ grandmother). She died of complications of diabetes. The little boy in the picture died at 17 of pneumonia. Walter went by Menzo.
Pat Petersen
18esimo Dayana🤍
Annalaura Perlangeli
Alysia Gaskins
Citroen ID 19, Baujahr 1970
Michael Grube
Mi hijo 19 dé marzo 1984 a 23 de septiembre de 2019 un recuerdo
Rosa María Diaz Plascencia
Howie, 1/9/90, 19 months
Pam McLain
Jim and Kathryn Tkach. We’re guessing that Jim is two years old so Catherine is 19. 1938/39
Jan Davis
My grandfather And his father, William T Bailey 1905
Mark Edwards
Hollie Romaniuk
Josèphe Bertrand Tourte, dite Mathilde, épouse de Louis Marchant. La photo date de 1888 environ Mathilde est morte en 1889.
Elisabeth Legrand
George & Marie Beirnes were missionaries to West Indies & South America in the early 1900’s.
Joyce Stankiewicz
issa Goro
Marvel Wood, our mother’s first cousin, in a photo taken on New Year’s Day in 1900. She probably got the doll for Christmas, 1899. She died in 1943, at the age of 48. She was married but had no children. Her mother, Ida Belle Howard Wood, was our grandfather’s older sister. She sent the doll to our mother, Alice LeFern Howard Minten, her niece, for safe keeping in March of 1944, when Janie Minten was just a month old. We still have the German, porcelain bisque doll in our possession.
Janie Minten
Delitzsch Breite Strasse 19-23
Toni Puntigam
Guillermo Rübke Serey y Margarita Oportus Luna. 1904
rodrigo ulloa
19 months 1987
Samantha Pinkal
1981년 10월 18일 충주 비료공장 견학
Hyun-chul Kim
Margarethe Wilbert nee Krämer, born 18th October 1896
Nina McPherson
Life in the 1900,s
Jayne Le Page
Willi Wischer ca. 1903 in Rathenow
Klaus-Detlef Wischer
Wedding of William Lloyd Finlay Robinson and Julia Roesner, 1905
Karen McPhie
July 19, 1989
Paula Cable
בשנת 50 עם ציפורה ז''ל
רונן שרית
Hilda Coetzee
Bror og søster 1903
Christine Glindemann
Från vänster barnen Hammer: Elof, Axel, Anna, Ove, Nils i stolen. Stor print av bilden. Foto taget ca 1885 (Nils född augusti 1884). Bild tagen på Wlhelmine Hermansen Fotografiska Atelier i Malmö.
Jon Voss
This is my Opa de Vos's Family early 1900's
Nancy Coates
My 18th Birthday. Grandpa Joe Shapansky
Shirley Miles
Mr and Mrs Rawlinson with Alice, Billy, Clifford and baby Harold 1904/05
hilary wells
Mom22 and me 19 months
Lexi Dawnnay
Thea + Milly Hasslacher, circa 1904
Christopher Stanley
Concierto violin y piano de Don Luis (19 años)
Gema Rodriguez
Born 7/1885 died 11/1956
Jo Moreno
my Great-grandmother Margaret Mae Lucas Rommel around 1905
jill mayes
Vincent and Josephine Rudziewicz with Daughter Emily. Vincent and Josephine were Stanley Rud’s parents and Emily was their daughter who died at age 3 in 1895.
cynic girl
Malet ca 1892 Billedet forestiller vores mormor (Den lille pige )
Piet Jansen
Pieter Schenk born 1903
Diane Bakker
William W Heartsill 1888
Emily Steele
My Grandmother Age 2, 1904
Sue Ellis
My grandmother, Anna Roos, with daughters Edith and Ruth, taken in Sweden, circa 1902 or 1903
sue L.
This photo was found in my dads collection. I think it might be Elizabeth Milligan my 2x Great Grandmother d. 1931 due facial similarities with my aunt Betty and my Grandmother. It is on postcard format that was on other photos taken around this time. Also, my Great Grandmother died in 1901 so unlikely to be her as she was young when she died and this lady is elderly.
John Richardson
Reuben Alfred Rhuland 1839-1890
Leah Jones
Brunos Mutter 1894 Geboren 26.1.1873
D. Dock
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