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Kids’ art taking over the house? Clear the clutter without the heartbreak and digitize every craft, painting, doodle, and drawing. The perfect way to scan, save, and share your kids’ childhood keepsakes.

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I never leave reviews but I HAD to. This is wonderful! I just did a snow day craft with my son and I wanted to be able to give one to his grandma. I still get to keep a digital version of my own! Absolutely love this!

By joy2theworld27

For the purposes I need it for ( to digitally save my kids’ art so I can throw it away without guilt!), it’s perfect. The images that are scanned look great, and the whole thing looks very clean and organized.

By Collins2516

This is a cool way of thinking of keeping your child’s pictures and paintings without having a bunch of paper in a drawer.

By Lgrawls

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