Finally, after years of collecting photos and storing them in shoeboxes and photo albums, you decided to digitize your whole collection. You took the time to scan every photo with Photomyne, but are unsure what to do next.

Now it is time to show them off to your family and friends. Fortunately, the options are fun and limitless.

Stick Them In A Slideshow

Your wedding day was perfect and you want your family to see. Now you won’t need to wait to show your grandkids how beautiful your dress was when they visit for Christmas. You can just send them a slideshow of it all and they can relive your special moment.

Fortunately, the Photomyne app will create slideshows for you. No need to worry about transitions or music, the app will put the finishing touches on your collection. All you need to do is choose the photos. Prefer something static? Grab your six favorites and make a collage with Photomyne instead.

Replace Old Picture Frames With A Digital One

Photo Source: Instagram User (at)nixplaycloud Photo Source: Instagram User (at)nixplaycloud

Have no fear, you can still fill your house with old photos of the family. However, instead of occupying every inch of your piano top with frames, a single digital photo frame could display those same photos without the clutter.

Digital frames, such as Nixplay or Aura Frames, bring mini-slideshows to you home or office. Just upload your photos to the frame, and it will cycle through as many or as few pictures as you want. Once you’re ready for a change, just swap the images for new ones you prefer.

Share Your Story On Social Media

With everyone’s lives updated and readily available at any moment, there’s no better way to show your friends, family, or followers all of your incredible moments from the past.

Sharing through Facebook or Instagram lets your old photos live in a modern environment with real-time engagement from your network around the world.

Before uploading to your feed, use a photo editing app like Instasize to resize your image for IG or for Stories. It would be a waste to lose parts of your cherished photo all because of bad cropping. Instasize also lets you adjust your photo’s levels without losing the original aesthetic.

Put Them On A Postcard

Why send someone a letter on mass-produced postcard when the message and design can be personal and one-of-a-kind? You can choose any image you’d like from your collection and turn it into the perfect memento from your traveled past. Just upload it to an online printing company like GotPrint, and see your memory become someone else’s keepsake.

Bake Them Onto A Cake

Photo Source: Instagram User (at)sarahs_sugarcraft Photo Source: Instagram User (at)sarahs_sugarcraft

Believe it or not but your photos are edible. Well, they’re not edible inside your albums, but once you’ve scanned and saved your photos you can turn them into an edible experience. Don’t worry - no ink is used in the process, only food coloring. Like with postcards, all you need is an edible printing site like Edible Cake Topper, and you can turn your wedding photo into a 50th anniversary cake.

Colorize Your Vintage Black & White Photos

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Now that your photos are all digitized, you can see what photo technology is truly capable of. Not only are your memories safely stored online, but you can give your black-and-white photos a modern update and add color to them. Imagine the emotional rush of seeing color return to your father’s face or the red door from your childhood home. With Photomyne’s B&W colorization option, you can finally feel the past as it was.