Viewing and editing your scanned photos is easy within the Photomyne app, but you can also do so on a computer. Follow these steps to open a web link and see your photos.

  1. Open the QR code scanner from the app - From within the app, you’ll notice a new tile at the bottom of your Photomyne home screen. Select the tile to open your camera as a QR code scanner.

  2. Go to - Now from a computer, go to Photomyne’s website. Click on the QR code icon under ‘Scanned photos with the Photomyne app? View them here.’ The QR code will appear.

  3. Scan the QR code - With your phone in-hand and the QR scanner open, point your phone at the QR code.

  4. View your account - After you scan the QR code, a new browser tab will open immediately with all of your scanned photos from the app.