Scanning old media into digital photos is easy thanks to the Photomyne scanning apps: Photomyne Photo Scan (for photos), FilmBox (for film negatives), and SlideScan (for slides), + Colorize (for colorizing black-and-white scans. Photomyne now not only offers each app individually but also offers these apps as a bundle, so you can scan all of your memories for one price. The bundle subscription is available with a monthly or yearly plan. The yearly plan comes with a free period before payment is processed so you can experience the suite before incurring any charge.

Here’s how to purchase the bundle:

  1. Go to online on your desktop or mobile.
  2. Tap Try for free on desktop or Start your free trial on mobile.
  3. Go through the purchase screens (entering your phone number in this process is important so the apps can later identify you as someone that already paid).
  4. After completing the purchase, download the Photo Scan by Photomyne app on your phone and then look for Got the scanning suite? Log in here and enter the same phone number with which you registered your account online.
  5. Once logged in to Photo Scan by Photomyne, download the other apps included in the suite - SlideScan, FilmBox, and Colorize by Photomyne - to that same device. Once you've opened the other apps, they will be upgraded automatically with no need to log in.

With access to all the scanning apps, you can now take advantage of all their great features. We recommend using the Photo Scan by Photomyne app as your photo hub. Once you’ve scanned slides and negatives with the appropriate app, send them to Photo Scan by Photomyne app so you can add details and arrange them into albums with the rest of your collection. Now, all your memories can live together.

If you already have Photomyne (Photo Scan), please contact our support team about how to upgrade your Membership to include the rest of the Scanning Suite.


Need help and/or have more questions? Contact our support team for further assistance.

This page was last updated in April 2022