After decades of taking and collecting photos, you’ve finally decided to digitize them and welcome them into the 21st century with Photomyne. And while Photomyne’s apps make scanning, saving, and sharing high-quality photos quite simple, we understand the urge to perfect every scan and every memory. That’s why we recommend these tried-and-tested products to keep those memories looking their best and simplify extensive projects.

Easy, steady scanning

Photomyne’s scanning apps - Photomyne, FilmBox, and SlideScan - all work to magically restore and bring those memories found in paper photos, film, and slides back to life in the modern world. On occasion, however, scans will appear blurry due to shaky scanning hands. These products take your hands out of the equation so you can quickly scan your photos without impacting the scan quality.

Adjustable phone stand

Stabilizing your phone is half the battle, especially when scanning negatives and slides. This handy metal phone stand lets you focus on holding the slide or negative in place, instead of multitasking your way to blurry images.

If you’re an iPhone user, we recommend using the voice command feature with these products for a more hands-free experience guaranteed to make scanning easier. Android users, keep an eye out for this exciting feature in the future.

Flexible photo mount

Instead of holding your phone above your albums or loose photos, give your hands a break and strap your phone into this mount for consistently steady scanning at the perfect angle. Your arm The long and adjustable arm clamps onto any surface (with an edge) and works with virtually all types of smartphones.

Goodbye to glare

Photo shooting tent

Even if you followed our guide for best scanning results, you might still find it difficult to remove the glare from your photos while scanning. That’s why we recommend a shooting tent to limit those obnoxious shadows and shimmers.

This photo tent diffuses light sources, softens shadows, and reduces glare so your photos can look crystal clear and unaltered. You won’t have to worry about finding the optimal angle to scan without intrusive reflections. It also happens to be super lightweight and collapsible so you can easily pack it in a bag and bring it scanning in both natural and artificial light.

Let there be light

Light pad

Finding a backlight source is critical when turning slides and negatives into digital photos with SlideScan and FilmBox. You certainly could open a white background on your computer or tablet, or head to our backlight page to start scanning, however, a light pad makes the process so much smoother.

It can be arduous holding a slide/negative in one hand, your phone in the other, and repeating the process over and over. This light pad allows you to lay your slides and negatives on their face and simply scan from above. Place as many negatives or slides on the surface as you can fit to quickly move from image to image.

You can also take it to scan on the go, as the slim pad is lightweight, fits in a bag, and provides the perfect amount of light for any scenario.

Interested in other products to assist in your scanning endeavors? Head to our accessories page for our full collection of items for making the most out of your photos. The list keeps growing, so stay tuned for updates on newly available products.