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As much as we love the photos we capture with our iPhones, there’s a special kind of joy that can only be gained by looking back at the printed snaps of our youth.

This treasure trove of memories needn’t be consigned to a shoebox at the back of the wardrobe though. With Photo Scanner Plus, taking a trip down memory lane doesn’t have to be accompanied by a newly disturbed dust cloud.

Instead it lets you snap your paper photographs and immortalize them in digital form. Now, we know what you’re thinking, but there’s more to this app than simply taking a photo of a photo. A lot more.

Photo Scanner Plus lets you immortalize your old printed photos. Photo Scanner Plus lets you immortalize your old printed photos.

This digital makeover isn’t forced, over the top, or artificial. The subtle improvements do away with those scruffy edges and dog-eared corners. Unwanted reflections are removed, colours are naturally fixed, and angles are automatically corrected to give you a traditionally flat snap.

There’s a certain sort of wizardry to the way it all works. There’s no need to manually remove every image from your carefully curated family album. Just open a page with multiple images, ensure they’re all in frame, and press capture. Each picture will be individually captured and digitally re-created.

You’re going to want to ensure you’ve got the lighting right when capturing your images (helpful hint: try to avoid reflective indoor lighting), but other than that, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. All images can be edited in-app and your custom albums can easily be shared with family and friends.

So, whether you want to get all nostalgic about your kids’ early years or look back on the fond memories of a lost family member, Photo Scanner Plus is a must try.