Mother of Hilda Coetzee at the age of about 3 years old. This photo was taken in Germany c. 1914.

Hilda Coetzee from Perth, Australia shared this majestic portrait of her mother and the family’s pet dog Barry (c. 1914). Now, more than 100 years after this photo was taken, Hilda reveals the surprising story behind it, and how her family crossed three continents in search for a better life.

This serene portrait of a three year old girl and her dog (Germany) comes from Hilda Coetzee, from Perth, Australia. The little girl in the photo is her mother at the age of 3 years old, and she’s leaning on the family’s beloved dog, Barry. The year was 1914.

Just 25 years later, WWII broke out and Hilda’s mother, now a mother of three, had to flee the country.

"It is amazing how this photo survived, as we lost everything in 1944. But my mom saved a handful of photos in the only suitcase we were allowed to have… We carried them from Germany where we lived, to Holland, then to South Africa, and finally they’re here with me in Perth, Western Australia. My mom was a woman ahead of her time. She was very clever." — Hilda Coetzee

Thanks to Photomyne, Hilda can now make this memory of her mother live on forever. Moreover, she can easily share this and other old family photos with her relatives who are scattered all over the world.


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