The photo shared by Photomyner Patricia Thorpe

Photomyner Patricia Thorpe shared this a-day-at-the-office photo of her then young father (1930's). The seemingly ordinary image of a lumberjack hanging on a tree served not only as Patricia’s personal souvenir of her father, but also as a piece of American history.

“My father was in the Civilian Conservation Corps here. This was a very interesting program where young men would be enlisted to work on the infrastructure of America in the 30’s. He received a minimal stipend which was sent home to his mother - a single mother trying to support four children.” — Patricia Thorpe

A 1930’s lumberjack who helped to build America — the father of Patricia Thorpe

Patricia also made an interesting comment on how a program like this could have been implemented today: “I often think we need a program such as this now to put our unemployed young adults to work in our nation re-building roads, bridges, etc that need repair or replacement.”

We’d like to thank Patricia Thorpe for sharing this photo and the story it holds, with Photomyne.


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