"Who do you look like most - mom or dad?" It's an age-old question that often has no obvious answer. Why leave it to speculation?

Introducing Face/Face (pronounced Face to Face), the best way to compare similarities through photos. Put an end to those silly comments about looking like mom or dad when you can know exactly which parent passed on your charming good looks.

Who do you look like?

But don't stop there. Face/Face can compare any two faces from photos including your family, friends, and even celebrities. Put yourself head to head with grandma, your best friend, Lebron James, etc. Prefer to leave yourself out of it? That's okay. You can choose any two faces to compare.

Find your doppelgänger

Getting started is easy. First, download Face/Face from The App Store, then upload photos from your phone's camera roll. The app will automatically detect the faces in your phones in front of your eyes - like magic! You can then choose which two of the detected faces to compare and see their similarity. Finally - without further ado - Face/Face will reveal your Similarity Score and the bragging can begin.

Try different combinations of faces for the best results and keep comparing until you know your perfect doppelgänger.

Find it today in The App Store to start comparing faces.

Compare two faces