2020 has forced us to make do with a new way of life, one that’s heavy on social distancing and light on travel and socializing. With many of our loved ones seemingly further away than ever, FamilyStars is a great opportunity to reminisce over shared memories or to simply connect with each other and bridge that distance.

With FamilyStars, you, your family, and your friends participate in challenges together to collect photos and anecdotes on a specific topic. All you need to begin is an idea. We’ve provided preset challenges but there’s no need to limit your experience to just those topics. In the end, your digital conversation will result in a joint photo story as a souvenir.

Sounds interesting? Here are a few ideas for you and your family to harness the holiday spirit and spend this time together from wherever you may be.

Shop till you drop

Black Friday’s come and gone, but there’s still plenty of shopping to do. Give a peek into your shopping life like an in-store selfie or present wrapping pic. You can even share your wish lists with each other so no one goes home disappointed this year.

Let there be lights

Does it take a generator to power the holiday decorations that fill your lawn, or do you prefer to simply display candles in the windows? Either way, show off your holiday spirit and create a virtual tour of everyone’s lit-up homes. You’ll surely want to give everyone a peek at your tree (and see theirs) too.

Movie night

Everyone’s got a favorite Christmas movie. What’s yours? Instead of arguing between Home Alone and A Christmas Story, bring everyone together for movie night. Swap selfies from your couch or screenshots of your featured film and share in the smiles it brings.

As a gift to you, we wanted to let you get to know the Photomyne team. Here’s a photo story we created so you can see the faces behind our apps.

Now it’s your turn. Create a challenge. Send it to your loved ones. See your story. Feel together.