Our families are so important to us, so shouldn’t we remember exactly how we got to where we are today? The good news is that tracking your family history isn’t just for grandpa anymore. Introducing FamilyTree by Photomyne, our newest app for all of your family tree building needs.

Why challenge father time in a race to remember every relative when you could easily create a family registry going back generations from the comfort of your phone? FamilyTree has everything you need to trace and record your lineage with additional perks thanks to facial recognition technology.

Add new family members to your tree and choose their relation Add new family members to your tree and choose their relation

Unlike many genealogy tools, FamilyTree starts with your photos and then you create the records. Begin your tree by uploading family photos - either directly from your phone’s photos or by scanning analog photos - and watch as the app automatically detects the faces in the photos. You can then assign the detected faces to your family members to begin growing your tree. As you create new connections in your tree, add biographical information for each such as name, birthday, and birthplace to keep your facts straight.

You can also discover how much you resemble your relatives as a bonus. The app not only identifies the faces in your photos but also compares them to one another and computes a similarity score. Finally, you can put an end to the ‘which parent do I look like most’ debate.

A look at similarity scores A look at similarity scores

With your family tree built, you can now share it with your family and have peace of mind in knowing your family records are complete until the next addition to the clan (which you will add to the tree, of course). Until then, you can keep uploading photos to improve the similarity scores, add details and distant relatives, and register your tree to the Related Tree Radar where we’ll notify you if other users share relatives from your tree.

Head to the App Store today to download FamilyTree and etch your family history into stone.