Although the quality of children's art may be argued upon, its sentimental value is immeasurable. Often enough, our kids’ drawings, doodles, and crafts are an inseparable part of our family’s story. Just like photos, these creations deserve to be saved, well-preserved, and looked back on now and then.

That being said, it’s hard to ignore the huge mess caused by saving these creations. The fridge is quickly not big enough of a space for all the pieces, and the whole house fills up - in boxes, at best, or just on the floor everywhere. What should we do? Ignore the chaos, or just throw it all away and suffer the heartbreak?

FridgeArt is the perfect solution for this dilemma. It allows you to save your kids' creations without the massive clutter.

Quickly scan & save

Scanning is quick and easy. Simply place your phone over the item you wish to scan (on a clean surface, for best results), tap and hold, and it’s done. The whole process only takes a few seconds. You can now toss that wrinkly piece of paper, but your kid’s art is saved forever.

Easily organize & share

Have more than one kid? Good news! FridgeArt allows you to organize your items in lockers, one for every child or family member. You can add details for each drawing - like when and where it was created - and even record your kid telling the tale in their own voice. The artwork and story will be saved, and you can now easily share them with your family and friends.

Sit on the couch with your child from time to time, admire their artwork, and enjoy this unique time capsule you created together. Looking into their eyes will reveal just how much this means to them.

Please note, FridgeArt is currently available for iOS only

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