Blurry photos - be gone!

Sharpy is a new and exciting feature in our scanning apps. It allows you to sharpen grainy faces in your scanned old photos, slides, or negatives, and restore your most precious memories.

How do I sharpen a photo in the app?
For a Photomyne user, all it takes is one click on the diamond icon. The app automatically detects the faces in the photo and sharpens them until they look perfect - in just a few seconds. You can use Sharpy as you scan new photos into the app or apply it to previously scanned items. Either way, keep in mind that Sharpy only works with subjects facing the camera. If you don't like how it looks, you can always revert back to the original.

Sharpy is a huge step forward in memory preservation, following in the footsteps of other photo-enhancing features like colorizing B&W photos. We are happy to provide our community of users with such a simple and smooth experience as they restore photos of their loved ones.

(Please note: Sharpy is currently available only for iOS devices)

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