How many times have you celebrated a single moment in yours or a loved one’s life? Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, first steps, promotions, big games, and retirements mattered once before. Fortunately, LifeShow is finally here to tie a bow around a lifetime of memories with beautiful slideshows.

LifeShow adds to Photomyne’s growing suite of nostalgia and personal history apps with an easy-to-use tool for creating complete presentations to commemorate the life of those closest to you.

Beautiful creations in minutes

LifeShow puts the power of storytelling into everyone’s hands where every memory is fair game. Upload digital photos from your smartphone or scan analog photos from your albums right into your project. You can then crop, rotate, or reorder them to your liking.

Feeling artsy? Choose from various filters or colorize black and white images so your photos will really pop.

Make it personal

Much of LifeShow’s value comes from your ability to customize and tell someone’s story beyond the images themselves.

Users are encouraged to add details - text descriptions or voice notes - to accompany these photo memories for a fuller story, specifically the photo’s year. We’ve added a magical timeline effect linking and following those life milestones through time with stunning results.

For the finishing touches, give your slideshow a uniting title to appear at the start, add a soundtrack to play throughout, and get ready to premiere your slideshow. Your family and friends will absolutely love the life-spanning celebration you’ve produced.

While you can freely make and play slideshows within the app, the save function only comes with either a weekly or one-time subscription. Try it today!