LifeShow, our easy-to-use slideshow generator, was featured as The App Store's 'App of the Day' in the United Kingdom! Since this feature was only available in the UK App Store, we wanted to share it with the rest of our global community. Take a look!

Lifeshow is the one-stop shop for the preservation, presentation, modernisation, restoration and distribution (did we miss anything?) of your most precious images.

The forte here is chronological slideshows, fashioned from cobweb-ridden printed snaps and the sharp digital photos on your iPhone. Lifeshow will deliver attractive video timelines; complete with titles slides, slick transitions between images, as well as music and text.

Combine old and new photos to create memory slideshows

Most of us have lived through the transition from celluloid to digital photography (shout out to the Polaroid revivalists), so we adore the way Lifeshow blends the two. Paper photos are scanned two at a time, with automatic cropping and colour optimisation. There’s also a surprisingly effective colourisation tool for black and white shots.

Filters can be applied to images to ensure a consistent aesthetic throughout the slideshow. You can import your own soundtrack too, which is perfect if you’re chronicling your relationship and want to include your wedding song. Don’t tell us romance is dead.

The free version enables you to create, save and share a few slideshows, while a subscription opens the floodgates to unlimited presentations on family occasions. Come on! You know you love ‘em…