Flowers? That's always nice, but also temporary. Jewelry? Sure, if you can afford it. Why not create a gift for mom that costs virtually nothing, but also one that keeps on giving for years to come?

Give mom a gift she can always keep and access

With the Photomyne app, you can instantly create a beautiful photo gallery website with the photos you scan. It's the Family website option in the app. Oh, and it's free!

You, too, can instantly create a family website like the one shown above. Three easy steps to create and share it with mom:

STEP 1: Scan an album with photos of mom

After scanning the photos, make sure to add details to the album (including a title, location, years and names). Not sure how to add details? See this quick guide.

STEP 2: Create a family website with mom's album

Simply go to the Family tab in the app, fill out your first and last name, and tap Create. If you want to make sure the family website displays only the album you scanned for mom, scroll down the Family screen until you see Album display management.. Tap that to select which albums you want to show in the family website.

STEP 3: Share it with mom, and make sure she has a tissue box nearby :-)

All that's left is for you to share the family website with your mom. Simply tap the Share button under the website's URL in the Family tab.

This will prompt the sharing menu of your device, so you can decide what app you want to use to send it over. You can also simply copy the link and text it to mom.

That's it. Just sit back and wait for the joyous 'Oh my god' cry by mom....