With more people every day retreating inside during the global health crisis, we're finding ourselves with more time at home than ever before.

Whether you've quarantined yourself or are simply restricting your time in public, it's important to not get bogged down by the uncertainty ahead. We've had so much joy in our lives so why not take this time to reach back into those past wells of happiness.

These ideas should help you pass the time with the right touch of nostalgia to keep you smiling through it all.

Read a high school classic...again

Do you remember what it was like sitting at a tiny wooden or metal desk as your English teacher jabbered on about Lady Macbeth, Nick Carraway, Holden Caulfield, and Miss Havisham? Perhaps you fell in love with classic literature in those moments. Perhaps you counted every second until the bell ran instead.

With so much time at home, why not dive into the rich worlds of Dickens, Fitzgerald, and Steinbeck. It's likely been years, even decades, since you last thought about these novels. With time, you might have a completely new outlook and appreciation for these classics.

Give grandma's recipes a try

Everyone needs to eat, regardless of how much time we spend away from public places. Instead of relying on delivery or settling for plain pasta every night, take the time to cook up a meal your grandmother would be proud of.

Maybe you have a family recipe that's been passed down for generations. Maybe there's just some meal you fondly remember from family dinners as a child. Do your best to recreate it and see if those flavors bring you back to the comfort of growing up.


Stadiums and arenas might be empty, but there's no reason to suppress those competitive feelings. When's the last time you took Monopoly or Clue off the shelf? They can certainly fill that void with some old-fashioned fun.

With so much time at home, there's no need to schedule a game night. Every day could be game day. Try making it into an on-going challenge - a tournament of sorts - or even an Olympics-style event with several board games represented.

Run a marathon...of movie classics

An abundance of options to flip through on Netflix or Hulu has made choosing your viewing entertainment a tedious scroll or a momentary impulse. Instead of taking a chance on a recently released original, jump back into those films that really made you feel for the first time.

Feel how comforting it is to sink back into a world you had long forgotten. Remember what it was like to be a teenager again and live vicariously through the characters as if they were your peers. Whether it's a franchise like Star Wars or a collection of your old favorites, find purpose in your movie marathons.

Discover old memories

We all need comfort in times like these. There's no better source for solace than our photos. They remind us of our greatest memories and allow us to get lost in the good times rather than twisted up in the bad.

By scanning your photos with Photomyne, you'll discover hundreds of forgotten moments in time. You can even make it a group activity, telling story to story to your significant other, children, or grandkids, sharing your legacy while safeguarding it for the future.

Try it today and see your life literally flash in front of your eyes. It's the smile you've been waiting for.

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