Class reunions can easily be that dreaded event in your calendar you wish you could have gotten out of. For many, it’s an unnecessary day filled with disappointments; you didn’t marry that good-looking cheerleader. You aren’t the astronaut you proclaimed you’d one day become. Everyone is obsessed with who got married to whom, who divorced whom and how much money everyone makes.

But your class reunion doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, see this event as an opportunity for making everyone present ride the waves of nostalgia using old photos, and see you as the hero who made it all happen.


Everyone loves reminiscing the good old days. That’s a fact. Why not leverage this premise to your advantage? You can scan old photos of your high school days, and make a beautiful presentation that will blow the mind (and heart) of every single person present. The album scanner app Photomyne can help with just that.

How to do it? Here are just 3 steps to make it happen:

1. Collect old photographs from classmates - 2 weeks before

Preferably, start early. Contact some classmates you are close to and ask them to send you the old photographs by email. You should aim to have all copies at least 3 weeks before your class reunion date.

What sort of pictures to use? Funny, emotional photos work best and leave the longest impression. Choose special memories most of your classmates will relate to.

2. Download Photomyne and start scanning - 1 week before

The Photomyne app (free on iOS and Android) is all you need. Once downloaded, simply start scanning photos and importing the ones your friends sent you via email. With Photomyne it’s easy to do both. You can then add details to your photos and albums, including annotations, dates, locations and more. Learn how to do it here.

Scanning is easy - even of multiple photographs in one shot Scanning is easy - even of multiple photographs in one shot

Once you have the albums saved in the app you can then download the photos to your phone's photos folder or share them within the app.

Need help with scanning? We'll come to you and make sure your scans are perfect - contact us to sign up

3. Cook up a presentation and project it at the event - 2 days before

Wow effect guaranteed. This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Simply use the JPG photo files you saved to your phone and transfer them to your PC (by emailing the photos to yourself or via USB cable). Then you can use a Power Point Presentation or any other third party presentation software to create your presentation.

We can create the presentation for you - contact us to request it.


Download the free Photomyne app and enjoy it - not just for your next reunion, but also for your own personal collection of old photo memories. Save them before they fade away...