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What if everything we've learned about falling in love is only a piece of the greater puzzle that is marriage? What happens when love takes a backseat to tradition? Arun Shroff knows.

Born in India to a traditional family, Arun was raised in Singapore in a secular society. While in India for vacation to see his relatives, his grandfather gave him an envelope that forced him to strip himself of the life he knew and desired. In an instant, his life was arranged.

"We can drift back in time"

Fortunately, Arun held on to all of the photos from that unexpected but special week. After years of moving from place to place, Arun finally found his wedding album and a box of 8mm film that captured the excitement.

After scanning and sharing his photos with Photomyne, we were instantly intrigued by one of his wedding photos. As Arun described the background of the photo, we knew we needed to hear more of his story. His story may seem foreign to many but it highlights the power of tradition and family that many Indians, especially of his generation, know so well.

Now, over 50 years since he met and wed Sumita, Arun admits that he has lived a good life. The path for their family might not be typical compared to western cultures, but they worked through the hard times to find their own happiness and grow their family.

Take a look at more of the photos from his unexpected engagement, wedding, and life with Sumita.

Arun and Sumita at their 50th anniversary party Arun and Sumita at their 50th anniversary party