Have you updated your Photomyne app recently? No, your eyes haven’t deceived you. Our newest update (iOS only, Android on the way soon) brings with it an exciting change to Photomyne’s app design, plus a user-requested feature, and easier access to our online help center.

Single photo view’s new ‘do

So much of enjoying Photomyne comes from browsing through your old memories. Thanks to a refreshed look when viewing a single photo, it’s more convenient than ever to add details such as people, places, dates, and descriptions and see them with your photos. Every detail now prominently sits below its photo - like handwritten notes on a polaroid - so no memory goes misremembered or (gasp!) forgotten.

A look at the new single photo view A look at the new single photo view

Additional detail-related features are also now easier to find. Options for adding a voice note, detecting text within a scan, and scanning the back of a photo appear just below the text box for adding details, placing every option for additional photo information within the same screen.

We highly recommend adding details when you can, not only to highlight each photo’s story but also so you can easily find those photos later. These detail tags - date, locations, descriptions - can be either entered manually or automatically identified within a photo (when present).

In addition, the Photomyne app now identifies faces in photos. Found faces will appear under your photo and can then be tagged with the correct name and searched for from the main screen.

All of the details you’ve entered can be viewed from within your Photomyne account (online or in the app) and shared through the various sharing options.

Favoriting favorites

In addition to a new look, we’ve also made it easier for you to find and enjoy your best and brightest photo memories with the all-new favorites option! Thanks to your feedback, you can now like individual images by clicking on an image’s heart icon.

Once you’ve tagged photos as favorites, you can find them quickly when searching for photos from the main screen. After selecting ‘Search or select photos’, tap the search bar to reveal the drop-down menu and tap your new favorites section. You’ll then see all of your liked photos in one place.

We are so excited about these updates, however, we understand how big of changes they are (especially for long-time users). Fortunately, as part of this update, you can now search all of our FAQs from within the app. Just head to the Help & support section of the side menu and tap Search FAQ to find the assistance you need.

For any additional questions or comments, please contact our support team. They’ll be happy to assist you.