Welcome to SlideScan, the app for scanning photo slides! We're thrilled you decided to save your old photo slides. This is one of the most worthwhile things you could ever do to preserve those special memories - we promise!

The app itself is rather simple, but we'd like you to consider the following tips to achieve the best possible scanning results, and to make sure you're having fun while using the app.

A quick SlideScan how-to

Tip #1: Set up a backlight source

The app's scanner requires a backlight source that will light up the actual image in the slide you're scanning. You can easily open a white screen on a tablet or computer, or use the photomyne.com/backlight link provided in the app. Make sure the device you open the backlight on is set to the highest brightness setting possible.

Tip #2: Grab & hold a slide

Once you have the backlight source set up, grab a single slide and hold it (steady) in front of the light. You might find it easier to use a clip or a clothespin to hold it in place.

Tip #3: Scan it, baby!

This one's simple: just tap the capture button so the app could use your phone's camera to capture the slide's image.

Tip #4: See the magic

This ones' especially fun - see how the app does it all on its own. It will detect the image in the slide, rotate it if needed, and will crop the image part from the slide's margins. Then, it will save the image as a digital photo in the app.

The first few slides you scan are free. If you wish to scan more, you're welcome to purchase an in-app subscription plan (optional) which usually comes with a free trial period.


Got any questions? Have any suggestions or comments about SlideScan? We'd love to hear it. Please email our support team.