You spoke and we listened. Introducing SlideScan, the only way to bring your photo slides from storage and into the digital world. Scan your entire collection of slides quickly so you don't need to dig up that old projector to relive your past.

SlideScan makes digitizing your slides easier than ever. All you need is a smartphone and you can start scanning. No fancy additional equipment is necessary!

The magic is in your hands

To get started, open up a bright backlight source to light up your image. You can easily do so with a white screen from your computer or tablet. Hold the image in front of the light and press the capture button and your photo is ready for you.

No need to worry about editing your image. SlideScan's AI auto-detects, auto-crops, and auto-rotates your photos so you don't have to.

Once you've scanned your slides, you can finally share them with your family and friends without the hassle of lugging your projector from the basement. Save them, share them, do with them as you please. They're your memories.

Your first few scanned slides are free. If you wish to scan more, you can purchase an in-app subscription plan.

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