When it comes to saving and enjoying your photos, you deserve the chance to commemorate every occasion and record every last detail of them. We're happy to announce two awesome features that will do exactly that - a familiar friend with a facelift and an exciting newcomer - in our most recent update.

All-new text detection

We're so thrilled to introduce our new text detection feature. After all of the time you spent scrapbooking, shouldn't your titles and descriptions come along for the ride as you scan your photos? We thought so too.

For those photos you scanned with text in the original shot, the Photomyne app can now identify the text so you can easily add it to the photo's description.

From within an album, select a photo and hit Detect text or add your own to get started. You'll be taken to the photo details screen from which you'll tap Detect text in the original shot

After a moment to identify all of the text in the original shot, you'll see a prompt with the text detected. Simply, select the text you'd like to keep with your photo and it will be added to the photo's description. You can either leave the text as is, or build off those details and add more to tell the full story.

Stunning slideshows

Say hello to the new and improved slideshow creator. From within the app's Share button, creating a slideshow is now easier than ever and comes with customizable options to show off your memories with just the right feel.

Create slideshows by tapping 'Share', selecting your photos, and hitting 'Slideshow' Create slideshows by tapping 'Share', selecting your photos, and hitting 'Slideshow'

Start by selecting the photos you'd like to include in the slideshow by either individually tapping them or pressing the red circle in the top right to select all. Once you've tapped Slideshow and the app magically meshes the photos together, you can either play through and share your memories as is, or you can edit and add a personal touch.

Accessing edit options via 'three-dots menu' and changing the music Accessing edit options via 'three-dots menu' and changing the music

First, you'll likely want a title, something to start it all off that speaks to the memories you are showing off. Next, you'll want to find the right music to compliment your photos.

Adding a title Adding a title

Not happy with the flow and feel as is? That's okay, you can always reorder your photos or change the transition speed until the final product suits you.

Finally, you'll then have the perfect presentation of your photos for whenever the occasion calls to share and enjoy them directly from your photo or by casting them to your television.

We hope these new features will help make enjoying your memories that much easier and more meaningful.

*Note: Update is currently only available for iOS and coming soon to Android (so stay tuned)

Have any questions or feedback about these changes or the app itself? Drop us an email at support@photomyne.com.

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