How many times have you said, "I'll get it to it later?" Now, how many times have you actually completed those tasks? There's no need to be ashamed as we all have myriad things to do, try, begin, or learn.

With an unprecedented amount of time at home, we finally have the opportunity to clear out our queue of things to do. It's also an opportunity to expand our minds and lives beyond what's currently confined within our walls. If your mind is simply stuck on clearing out your Netflix queue, that's ok too. Here's the list you need to get up off the couch and find some meaning within your quarantine.

Write a book

Everyone has a story to tell. Some have just put theirs to paper so anyone can enjoy it. What's yours?

Instead of rewatching Mad Men, live your days within a world of your own creation. Look to your own experiences to help build your narrative with a personal touch as it's always easier to write about what you know. The words will flow from your fingertips if you give them the chance.

DIY home improvement

You've gotten to know the inside of your living room really well over the past month. Staring at the same blank wall has slowly lost its appeal, but you realized it's the perfect place for a bookshelf. Instead of putting greater pressure on delivery services, put your home in your own hands and do it yourself.

Once you've collected all of your tools and supplies, get started on whatever project you've been putting off. Even if you have little to no experience woodworking or even with a screwdriver, you can find easy video tutorials on youtube. A personal touch is exactly what's missing.

Learn something new

What is coding? How do I say "hello" in Cantonese? What's the trick to spinning a basketball on my finger? Just because you don't know now doesn't mean you can't come out of quarantine more skilled than before.

Finally, you can learn that language you've been putting off or tackle a professional skill to give you a leg up (or at least another bullet on your resume). Heck, just learn something new for kicks, something trivial to help make time fly.

Foster a pet

It's hard to take care of a pet when you're working long hours at the office. But with the newfound comfort of your home office, a pet can be a perfect replacement for those co-workers. You'll have someone to constantly snack with and someone pulling you away from your tasks to help them with a project, but also the perfect companion to get you through these tough times. Contact a shelter near you and see how you can foster a pet for the short or long term.

Clean out your closets

Clutter happens. Throwing things out is never easy and always daunting. Everyone has a drawer, shelf, closet, room, basement, or shed filled with every collected morsel of recent or distant history. With a little bit of time and plenty of trash bags, you can turn those spaces into the organizers they ought to be.

Bonus: when going through your closet, set aside anything you no longer need, wear, or want for donation. There's always someone who can find a use for them.

Digitize your photos

Now that your closets are clean, there's only one thing to do with those old photo albums: scan and save your photos. You already put in the effort to clear away the clutter. Keep it that way.

By digitizing your photos with Photomyne, you'll never need to dig through pages of memories. They'll be right in the palm of your hand and searchable for any time you need a pick-me-up of the past. It's a digital world and your memories should live in one too.

Do you have boxes and albums of photos lying around? Explore the Photomyne suite and discover the best way to save all of your memories.