The Photomyne apps were imagined so anyone could navigate through decades of photos, save old media, and honor your family’s history. And while our apps are simple and intuitive, we certainly understand how frustrating - especially when scanning photos - it can be when everything does not turn out just right.

To make things easier for you, our incredible support team has compiled a list of the most commonly asked user question per app. Fortunately, we have all the answers for you all in one place.


How do I manually crop my photos to adjust the auto-cropping or scan an entire page (of a scrapbook or album)?

Photomyne’s auto-cropping feature is one of its most popular, however, you might find that you either don’t like how a photo was cropped or you did not want it cropped at all. The good news is it’s an easy fix. With the photo in full view, just tap the crop icon at the bottom to adjust the photo’s boundaries. Drag the boundary lines with your finger to your preferred spot and tap the checkmark to save. You can always go back and adjust it again. Follow this link for more information.


My scanned slides keep coming out blurry. How can I ensure they come out clear?

As exciting as it is to see the memories in old slides come to life, scanning decades' worth of slides can lead to some tired arms from both holding your slide (3-5 centimeters from your screen, of course) and your phone. Shaky hands are natural but they can lead to blurry scans. Try using voice command to say ‘Go!’ to capture scans with limited multitasking (currently for iOS only). As an alternative for Android users (or supplement for iOS users), accessories like our phone stand or flexible phone mount help hold your phone still while you hold the slide.


When I try to scan my film negatives, I can’t seem to avoid glare. How do I scan without a glare?

Unlike digitizing paper photos, scanning old negatives requires a backlight source to illuminate the image. It’s best if that backlight is the only light source in the room. This not only helps with the image’s clarity, but it will remove any unwanted reflections on your negatives while you scan. So, keep your room dark for the best digitized negatives. You can read more tips on scanning with FilmBox here.

Photo Family Tree (iOS)

I’m only related by marriage to my mom’s husband. How do I add stepparents to my tree?

Not everyone in every family is related by blood, but those stepparents, step-siblings, and step-kids are still an important part of your family’s story. Once you’ve added someone to your tree, you can adjust their relationship to other family members. First, tap a person’s face in your tree to open their profile then scroll to the relations of this person section and choose Parents. Deselect the incorrect parent from their relations and save. When you return to your relative’s profile, simply Add more relations and add the correct parent. This will create a side-tree to record that specific segment of your family. Read more about Photo Family Tree here.

LifeShow (iOS)

Do I have to choose from the preset soundtrack options or can I upload a song of my own?

Slideshows are always more exciting or emotional with the right music. And while you can choose from the preset options, you absolutely can add a song of your own. You’ll have to first save an audio file to your phone’s Files folder. Once it’s saved, you can then select Upload from Files app when choosing your soundtrack from within the app. For more details click here.

Have any other questions about the Photomyne suite? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at