Scanning your old photos and creating a digital archive is priceless. It affects how you preserve your memories and pass them on to future generations. Photomyne offers much more than just high-quality scanning: from unbelievable enhancement features to creative ways of sharing the final result, here's how you can make the most out of your digitized photos.

Colorize B&W photos

Our oldest and most cherished memories are often captured in black and white photos. Wouldn't it be miraculous to see those memories more vividly in color? Colorize some of your black and white photos and enjoy both versions side by side.

Sharpen blurry faces

Want to restore clarity to your old photos? Try the Sharpy feature to smooth grainy or blurry faces in a single click. Once you tap the diamond, you'll see the magic in action: the app will detect the faces in your photo and sharpen them to perfection in just a few seconds.

Animate still portraits

You can experience your past in a whole new way and literally bring your favorite photos to life. The Live Portrait feature lets you turn still images into short animations that will transport you back in time, straight back to that moment.

Share digital postcards

Digitizing your photos makes it easy to share them with anyone, anytime. If you want to give a picture a personal touch, add some details and share it as a beautiful polaroid-style postcard.

So, what are you waiting for? Open the app, scroll down below an image, and discover all the stunning touch-ups you can apply to your photos!

Do you have boxes and albums of photos lying around? Explore the Photomyne suite and discover the best way to save all of your memories.