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It's Slinky & In Cold Blood

Do you hear that? The past is calling out to you. Here's a little taste of what it has to offer.

Blast from the past

Toying around

Invented by Richard James by accident, the Slinky has wowed children worldwide for seven decades. He knocked one off a shelf and watched in amazement as the magic unfolded.

Photo source: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum website (

Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

With a paintbrush in my hand, I often looked to the person I knew best for inspiration - myself. I’m from south of the border, but a feminist icon worldwide.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

B&W colorization of the day

Breakfast at Truman's

Truman Capote wrote some of those most heralded books of the 20th century and it made him a celebrity. Even celebrities need to take a moment for themselves, however.

Photo source: Public Domain

The historical figure is... Frida Kahlo.
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