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Monday Music Madness & 70s Stars

Instead of longing for the weekend, march into Monday morning with this music-motivated mix of memories.

Trivia time

Macho men

In the 70s and 80s, the Village People dominated radios with their catchy disco tunes. On this date in 1979, the group was sued by which world-renowned youth organization for libel and trademark infringement?

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Then & now

Stevie Wonder: 1973 to now

Sunglasses? Check. A smile? check. The voice of an angel? Check. Six decades since hitting the stage as 11-year-old Little Stevie Wonder, he is still the same ambassador of good times and great vibes.

Photo source: ANP

From our Facebook

Working 9-to-5

The 1970s would not have been the same without these two. Who's your pick: Dolly or Carol?

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Today's trivia answer is the YMCA
Have a good day and see you tomorrow :)

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