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Time Machines & Special Sunglasses

Unleash your Mamba Mentality to get over the hump this week. Just don't forget to keep your heart soft when looking back.

B&W colorization

Part-time job

As turn-of-the-century jokesters go, Germany Schaefer was one of the best in Major League Baseball. He was known for employing various tricks to get games canceled for weather, sometimes even wearing raincoats onto the field. Here he decided to take a look at the game from the other side of the lens.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Vintage item of the day

Eye shields

Never heard of an eye shield you say? South Africa (then The Union of South Africa) made these glasses for soldiers in desert conditions. However, due to a shortage in celluloid, they used old photo negatives on the lenses. If you look closely at the photo upside down, you can make out the heads and hats of a group of soldiers.

Photo source: Library of Congress

Things we Slacked

Look into the past

Time machines don't exist, but the Wayback Machine does its best to fill that void. The Wayback Machine is an archive of webpages founded by the Internet Archive. Search for any site, current or long-forgotten, and you can browse through years of web updates. Just look at the difference in NASA's homepage between 2002 and 2020!

Photo source: Wayback Machine

Have a good day and see you tomorrow :)

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