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Goofy Groundhogs & TV Transformations

Nobody turns on the news looking for the future. Here's your reminder that the past is all you need.

Then and Now

Television - 1940s to now

We've come a long way since those clunky tubes with a tiny screen. Who knew we'd have tiny movie theaters in our homes eventually?

Photo source: Flickr & Unsplash

Things we Slacked


Groundhog Day miracle

Did you catch Jeep's amazing dose of 80s nostalgia during the Super Bowl? Bill Murray famously has no manager or agent and does not do commercials, but with the Big Game on Groundhog Day, he blessed us with this timeless callback.

Photo source: Jeep

From our Facebook

Drawing with Disney

Walt Disney gives a group of kids a quick lesson on drawing Goofy. Little do these kids realize they are getting a private lesson from a legend.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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