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Wild Aces & Perfectly-Timed Pickers

Take the break you need from pandemics and politics with pictures of the past.

Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

When I sat by a piano, it was highly recommended that you listen. You could even call me a king of jazz. To the younger crowd, I'm unforgettable in every way thanks to my talented daughter.

Photo source: William P. Gottlieb via Library of Congress

B&W colorization of the day

Digging for gold

Caught in the act! There's no turning back when you are knuckles-deep into your schnoz.

Photo source: Flickr

Then and now

Tennis in the sky: 1925 to 2005

Tennis at sea level is clearly overrated. Whether on the wings of a plane or on top of the world's tallest building, tennis players seem to have a thing for gravity-defying feats.

Photo source: Flickr

Today's historical figure is Nat King Cole
We're back tomorrow with another serving of memories :-)

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