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A Bluesy Bae & Delivery Drinks

With so much time at home, we at Photomyne want to help you make the most out of the days to come with a refreshing taste of the good times behind us.

On this day

Happy Birthday Billie Holiday

With blues and jazz vocals for days, it's stunning that Billie Holiday wasn't born and raised in New Orleans. Lady Day was born on this day in 1915.

Photo source: Library of Congress

The way we were

Toy cars and tricycles

Soon enough they'll be trading in those vehicles for a driver's license and life on the road. For now, they'll have to settle for peddling around the lawn.

Photo source: Flickr

Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

All I ever wanted in my life was to make people laugh...and I succeeded but not nearly for long enough. No cheeseburger (cheeseburger), samurai-sliced sandwich, nor toga party could squash the sadness of my early demise.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Blast from the past

Door-to-door Coke delivery

Unless you're a business owner, you're likely not having Coca-Cola bottles delivered to your door. Today, we can only dream of such luxuries.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

John Belushi is today's historical figure
The past will be back knocking tomorrow. See you then :-)

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