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Notable Novelists & Sam From A Sitcom

We're inching closing to the end of our collective uncertainty, but if we forget where we were, we're bound to repeat it. Let's repeat the parts that we're proud of instead.

On this day

Happy Birthday Harper Lee

Lee only published two books in her career, but when one is To Kill A Mockingbird, you can write your own ticket. The Presidential Medal of Freedom winner was born today in 1926. Here she is with Gregory Peck onset of the film adaptation.

Photo source: Flickr

Then and now

Ted Danson: Cheers to now

Nearly three decades after Sam Malone last closed up, Ted Danson continues to remind us of his comedic brilliance.

Photo source: Ard Gelinck

The way we were

A New York staple

Step aside Chicago, New York is still the hot dog king. Who can resist one of these streetside delicacies?

Photo source: Flickr

From our Facebook

Handsome as Hasselhoff

Why look through your old photos? You'll discover the person you used to be. Just remember, you were never as cool as David Hasselhoff.

Photo source: Flickr

Even if today feels like you're moving in slow motion, we'll back tomorrow sprinting to the past :-)

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