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Wild Westerners & Tubers As Toys

The past is back for its daily spotlight so you can take a moment away from today's craziness and slink into the comforts of before.

Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

While few female folk heroes arose from the Wild West, I made a name (and a nickname) for myself. As a companion of Wild Bill Hickock, I even got a comfy role in his traveling show, many years before I landed in HBO's Deadwood.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Blast from the past

That's Mr. Potato Head to you

In 1952, children were introduced to a new type of tuber, a playful one with removable eyes, ears, and hats. Mr. Potato Head became a sensation, going through a massive transformation in the process before becoming the grumpiest of Andy's collection in Toy Story.

Photo source: Flickr

On this day

Penny for your thoughts (via mail)

An email will never have the same emotional weight as receiving a letter by mail. When postage rates skyrocketed in Great Britain, a cheap, pre-paid alternative was proposed. On May 6, 1840, the first adhesive postage stamp accompanied mail correspondences.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

B&W colorization of the day

Jumping for joy

When the bizarre state of the world is over, how high will you jump?

Photo source: Flickr

'Calamity' Jane Cannary is today's historical figure.
The air up there will be just as sweet when we return tomorrow. See you then :-)

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