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Shiny Shoes & Summer Sweets

Memories get cloudy so we're here to remind you of our sunniest days.

Then & now

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes

Not much has changed about a shoeshine over time. It's still a crucial piece of a businessman's weekly routine.

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From our Instagram

Maxin' relaxin'

Some sunshine on a lazy river, a furry friend, and a brew. What could make this day any better?

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The way we were

Apples to apples

Street-side fruit stands will always have a cozy place in our hearts. It's impossible to resist their warmth and incredible prices.

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Blast from the past

Her majesty, Dairy Queen

For 80 years, her majesty the Queen has blessed her subjects with frozen treats like the Blizzard. As their ads said in the 70s, it's a real treat.

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We'll be back Monday. Have a great weekend :-)

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