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Health Care Heroes & Chicago Of Old

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Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

Born in Vienna, I became a star after meeting Louis B. Meyer in the 1930s. After appearing in 30 films, I took my talents to science. That's right, I helped co-invent frequency-hopping spread spectrum, a precursor to Bluetooth and wi-fi technology.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

On this day

The American Red Cross is born

After learning about the Red Cross in Switzerland, Clara Barton opened the American Red Cross for business on this day in 1881. Nearly 140 years later, it is still working to bring medical aid around the world.

Photo source: Flickr

Then & now

The Windy City - 1970s to now

You don't need a Michael Jordan documentary to peek into the Chicago of old. All it takes is a well-aligned photo to show its evolution.

Photo source: Flickr

Things we Slacked

Photography kings

Few take photos better than National Geographic. They posted a gallery of their best that will take you back into the past.

Photo source: Flickr

Hedy Lamarr is today's historical figure.
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