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Fists Of Fury & Dads With Daughters In A Hurry

Take a moment this weekend to reflect on your past and how we can all come together for a brighter tomorrow. It will make those future memories that much sweeter.

Blast from the past

Vectrex video games

Early video game systems couldn't hold a candle to those of today. The Vectrex, while praised for many of its features, flopped in the face of high costs and popular 80s competitors like the Game Boy.

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On this day

Happy Birthday Tommie Smith

Happy 76th birthday to former U.S. sprinter Tommie Smith. With a raise of his fist at the 1968 Olympics, the gold medal-winning Smith - along with bronze-winning John Carlos - etched his name in history with a simple yet powerful statement the world couldn't ignore.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Celebrity spotlight

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes used his words to inspire people around the world, not only as a leader of the Harlem Renaissance but as a voice of American literature and life. "Hold fast to dreams/For if dreams die/Life is a broken-winged bird/That cannot fly."

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The way we were

Attached at the hip

It's not easy getting through a three-legged race without a little teamwork. It's also the perfect opportunity for some daddy-daughter bonding.

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Have a great weekend. We'll see you Monday :-)

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