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King Of Crustaceans & A Hollywood Hero

By turning down a photo opportunity you're only throwing aside a future chance to see yourself as you were. Just smile and wait for your moment.

The way we were

The king stay the king

Fishing for Alaskan king crab is no easy task. With such dangerous work ahead, it's important to celebrate the wins as they come.

Photo source: Flickr

Things we Slacked

Optimism through nostalgia

Not everyone's past is perfect, but NPR looked into how, especially following the isolating coronavirus quarantine experience, nostalgia helps power optimism and positivity amidst difficult times.

Photo source: Unsplash

Celebrity spotlight

Gary Cooper

Over a 36-year-career, Gary Cooper became one of the most iconic actors in the history of film. With two Oscars on his mantle, Cooper injected a natural feeling into every role and always had time to sign something for a fan.

Photo source: Flickr

Blast from the past

Class picture day

When the photographer set up shop in the auditorium, you knew exactly how the day would go. Little did you realize how much joy you would find from those photos decades later.

Photo source: Flickr

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