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For The Fathers

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there guiding us through life so we can look back on it as fondly as possible.

Blast from the past

Have your cake and eat it too

Dads always know how to best spoil us. With a good piece of cake in our bellies, everything gets a little bit easier.

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Celebrity spotlight

Fonda family fun

Before Peter and Jane found their footing on the big screen, they closely watched as their father Henry ruled Hollywood. Even stars need a moment to hang around with their family.

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The way we were

Summertime silliness

No day in the park is routine when dad's around. The shining sun seems to always bring spontaneous silliness and smiles out to play.

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Then and now

Learning to fly: 1950s to 1980s to now

Above all, dads are our greatest teachers. With dad by our side, we can take flight on our unchartered paths with the confidence that we can keep moving forward.

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Happy Father's Day. We'll be back Monday. See you then :-)

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