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Fathers Of Folk & Exceptional Artists

Come share in the groove on our daily journey to the days we left behind. Fortunately, those memories are right where we left them for us to enjoy.

On this day

Happy birthday Ben Enwonwu

As arguably the greatest 20th-century African artist, Ben Enwonwu's has been celebrated around the world. Now it's our turn as we raise a glass on his birthday.

Photo source: Flickr

Blast from the past

Remote control cars

You might not find kids today with radio-sized remotes, but RC toys will forever be a favorite.

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B&W colorization of the day

This land is your land

Woody Guthrie's experiences in the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression inspired his greatest work and shaped him into the grandfather of folk.

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From our Facebook

Friends, we will always be

Days on the farm are just simpler. All you need is a good friend to keep you company.

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