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Covered In Chocolate & Tonight Takeovers

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On this day

Tonight's the night

Before Johnny Carson became the king of late-night, Jack Paar manned the desk of The Tonight Show. He made his hosting debut on this day in 1957 and helped pave the way for Tonight and Carson's success.

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B&W Colorization

Go fish

Looking at your hand is a little more exciting in full color. Fun fact: the earliest record of a card game was in 1294 in China.

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Things we Slacked

A hero for hope

Finding yourself looking for comfort in the past during the pandemic? You're not alone. National Geographic dove into the benefits of nostalgia during times of crisis.

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The way we were

Dipped in heaven

Those delectable ice cream bars are not going to dip themselves. Once that gooey chocolate hardens into a crunchy shell, they are the perfect companion on a hot summer day.

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