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Excellence in Egypt & Jubilation in Jersey

It's your time to catch a breather at the start of your week, so just sit back right easy and laugh.

On this day

Happy Birthday Satchmo

You know you carried some influence when they name an airport after you. Louis Armstrong, born on this day in 1901, defined the New Orleans jazz sound with a trumpet in his hand.

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The way we were

Tubing together

Honestly, who wouldn't want to float away on a hot summer day with these cuties?

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Things we Slacked

Summer joy in Jersey

With August underway and summer chugging along, took us back to the Jersey of old with sunshine, smiles, sweets, and treats.

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Wading at the water park

As the water falls from above, finding yourself under this giant fungus is quite the way to cool down.

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We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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