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Russian Writers & Guys With Glass

Can you feel it? Nostalgia's in the air.

Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

What does a guy gotta do to win a Nobel Prize? 5 nominations for Literature & 3 for Peace, but I never took home the trophy. With War and Peace and Anna Karenina to my name, you'd think I'd be a shoo-in.

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Then and now

Glass blowing: 1977 to now

Don't go popping these bubbles. You'll only be greeted by scolding hot glass and a disappointed glassblower.

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The way we were

Ballet ready

Tutu, check. Tights, check. Talent, check. Now it's time to turnout.

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On this day

Happy Birthday Otis Redding

Sending a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t to the Big O on what would have been his 79th birthday.

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Leo Tolstoy is today's historical figure.
We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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