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Boat Boys & Piled Up Pancakes

Our window is open yet again, and the breeze that follows will knock you back a few years.

The way we were

Most important meal of the day

Pancake breakfasts seem to look slightly different in Amsterdam

Photo source: Flickr

Then and now

School uniforms: 1963 to now

We might be five decades removed from the 60s, and while style and culture have changed, school uniforms have stayed pretty darn consistent.

Photo source: Flickr

Family flashback

Royal family portrait

Since her brother-in-law, the President of South Vietnam, never married, Madame Nhu and family moved in with him into the Independence Palace. It helped solidify her role as somewhat of a de facto First Lady during the Vietnam War.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Blast from the past

Wavy days

With whipping winds and choppy seas off the coast of Orkney (Northern Isles of Scotland), not everyone is in the mood for a smile.

Photo source: Flickr

We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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