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Marvelous Marty & Lonely Linebackers

If the present gets too complicated, come back to find the simple smiles of the past.

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Happy Birthday Martin Scorsese

Cue the Rolling Stones for a cover of 'Happy Birthday to you' on Martin Scorsese's 78th birthday. The iconic filmmaker was born on this day, setting him off on a career filled with gangster films, classic rock-heavy soundtracks, and recurring partnerships with Robert De Niro and Leo DiCaprio.

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The way we were

Breaks of the game

Even with a team full of teammates, it's easy to feel alone on the football field. One wrong play and you'll find yourself isolated on the bench.

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Photomyne user photo

Siblings in Switzerland

"My wife Lily found this photo in an album of her parents, and I scanned it with Photomyne. It was taken in Belp in 1940 of her and her brother."

Photo source: Photomyne user Serge Ginggen

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Roll reversal

Occasionally, dads need a break from the heavy lifting. It's up to the kids to pick up the slack and pull dad along.

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