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Exceptional Explorers & Retro Rhinos

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On this day

The end of the world

Even the most remote areas of the world are reachable today thanks to our impressive technology. However, it was on this day that Roald Amundsen and crew became the first expedition to reach the South Pole in 1911.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Photomyne user photo

A grand moment

Becoming a grandparent for the first time is a special moment only eclipsed by the first moment you hold a grandchild in your arms. True love at first sight.

Photo source: Photomyne user Lisa Dumas

The way we were

Solo silly faces

Even if nobody's around, a silly face can turn a frown upside down.

Photo source: Flickr

Blast from the past

A sculpture second

In the confines of an art gallery, it takes only a second to fit into the beauty around you.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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