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Desert Nomads & Laughing Dads

So you don't have to remember last year's craziness, let's step it back even further into smile-cracking oldies to start 2021 off right.

Family flashback

Something to laugh about

It's quite simple. When father and son are together, what isn't there to laugh about?

Photo source: Creative Commons

From our Instagram

The most magical place on Earth

Snow White wasn't entirely ready for her shining moment on this 1982 day, found on a slide waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet (and into a digital photo).

Photo source: Creative Commons

Photomyne user photo

Family trecking

"This was taken on the 9th of September 1938 in Willomore, South Africa. Our family was on their way to the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria to commemorate the Battle of Blood River which happened in 1838. It was important to me to make sure that all my parents’ old photographs were captured digitally to ensure that it will still be around for generations to come. It is an important part of keeping our history and our memories alive."

Photo source: Photomyne user Karen Joubert

The way we were

Desert crossroads

With the open desert in every direction, there's no wrong turns with the right attitude.

Photo source: Creative Commons

We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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